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Together with a network of thought leaders across diverse sectors and geographies, iain leads and contributes to
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Business Ventures

Coffeebeans Routes

Started in 2005, multi-award winning Coffeebeans has become the leading Pan-African cultural and creative tour operator, with tours in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Kigali and Nairobi, showcasing contemporary urban Africa.

Creative Travel Africa

Launched in 2018 as the Destination Management sister to Coffeebeans Routes, to facilitate longer form itineraries centred around the Coffeebeans specialist experiences and incorporating essential African wildlife, nature and adventures activities.

Kurus English

iain incubated and provided mentorship for the genesis of this game-changing English language business in Cape Town, with its unique immersive Language Excursion programme. Started by German entrepreneur Johannes Kraus, a former student of iain’, Kurus continues to be a major client of Coffeebeans Routes

Visit Langa

A collaboration between iain and Tony Elvin, the founder of the Langa Quarter social enterprise precinct, to bring to life and to market the tourism opportunities inherent within the Langa Quarter and within Langa broadly through the Quarter’s various partnerships.

Ice Cream Vanni Plain

Entrepreneur Iehsaan Small has been producing small batch ice creams from his home in Mitchells Plain township, Cape Town, since 2018. The flavours are named after Mitchells Plain neighbourhoods, and celebrate the people and history of this part of Cape Town. Iehsaan partnered with iain in 2021 to build capacity in growing the business.

Advisory & Management

Tourism Development Consulting

iain specialises in Pan-African urban cultural and creative tourism product development, with clients including the European Union and Western Cape Provincial Government. In 2022 iain and Coffeebeans Routes received the Recognised Leaders in Tourism Business Development - Africa award in the LuxLife Hospitality Awards.

Food Dialogues

iain is the Event Project Manager for Food Dialogues, a project of the South African Urban Food and Farming Trust. Food Dialogues seeks to foster a healthier, more resilient and just food system, connecting with people shaping the future of food, and showcasing insights into our food culture.

Uphendo Coffee

iain is supporting coffee business Uphendo with mentorship and business systems development. Uphendo is a mobile coffee business based out of the Dorman Street Food Truck Court in Gardens Cape Town

Media adventures


iain has been a radio head since childhood, and was privileged at university to participate in radio documentary training at the Institute for the Advancement of Journalism. iain produced work for the Africa Search for Common Ground series in the 90s, Heart FM and GoodHope FM in the 2000s, and in more recent times has been producing his own projects.


iain attended film school, and did a BA in English and Drama at the University of Cape Town. His video output has been focused on his tourism work. Click Learn More to meet a myriad of people as part of his series of shorts for Coffeebeans Routes and Kurus English.


Writing, ranting, video, radio … a collection of thoughts, sketches and contemplations on life and work, dating back to 2010

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